Advance is specialist pet food brand that had been mostly relying on veterinarians to prescript their products to pet owners.
In 2018 they decided it was time to widen their prescription base with a new positioning:  focusing on pet owners and empowering them with all the information regarding the science of dog and cat care.  Because, it is only by knowing and understanding our pets, that we can provide the best for their health and wellbeing.


Affinity has been around for more than 50 years, they are the owner of Advance, an advanced pet food brand whose products are the results of world-leading research and quality ingredients.  

Advance tests the food locally in every market to ensure it meets the needs of the pets living in that environment, their food is the result of constant research and development efforts and it is the only pet food with active immunoglobulins, nucleotides, and L-carnitine in the market.  

But If you are not a vet and you did not search those terms on Google, chances are that you have no idea how active immunoglobulins nucleotides and L-carnitine can benefit your pet.

Affinity had done a great job in creating and maintaining brand awareness in the minds of vets, it was now time to develop the brand’s consciousness in the minds of its customers.  

The question was how?  How to do it without doing what every other brand does: Using the ‘’animal cuteness’’ to sell their products?

We needed to divulge Advance’s knowledge all the while maintaining the brand's tone, its scientific credibility, and clinical rigor.


Our eyes turned to Ted Talks for inspiration.  TT is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.  


Their agenda is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversations, exactly what we had in mind as well, but our theme was pets, and so we created:  Pet Talks, a community and a divulgation platform from where the brand could explain in a fun and laid-back manner, how to best care for your pets, and in a country 40% of households have at least one pet and spend 70 Billion a year on them, we knew it would spark interest.  

Pet Talks was designed to help us get closer to the consumer and make the brand more accessible thanks to carefully selected branded content that we would promote through a transmedia ecosystem, using the brands own media and channels.  


Ted Talks would not be Ted Talks without their world-famous conferences, Pet Talks followed the same model and so we launched the Pet Talks event where the most influential pet experts gave Ted Talk style conferences. 



The Pet Talk platform was all about content, branded content.  
So, we started by listening on social media and specialized media to learn about the subject that most preoccupated pet owners.

Armed with this info, we announced our Pet Talks Conference in Madrid and invited pet experts such as veterinarians, biologists, ethologist; consumers and the most popular influencers to come and touch the various themes of interest in the Ted Talks short format conferences. 

We streamed Pet Talks live on Facebook and Youtube and on the Pet Talks website. 
Pet talks also generated various types of content that we reformatted for different types of the brand's media channels and on the dedicated Pet Talks web.

To amplify and get to more pet owners we launched programmatic campaigns. Also, we were present on YouTube and launched Instagram stories and posted videos on the brands Fb page. 

We also launched a VOOH campaign in downtown Madrid on the same day of the conference, bringing more attention to the event. 

  • We garnered 52M impressions. 

  • The videos we produced and posted on various platforms were viewed 15M Times

  • VTR stood at 65%, that is 5% more than the objective we had set at the beginning.  This is 240% more than the most successful campaigns showcased by Think with Google. 

  • The talks we posted got 1Million views and people watching for more than 5minutes on average, way over the average of 58 seconds established by Pressboard.

  • We also got some free publicity with the printed press and national TV talking about Pet Talks.  This gave us 8M additional impacts, which allowed us to go over the objective by more than 200%

  • We managed to innovate in the category and we repositioned the brand as an expert, credible and close to its target.  We also innovated in the way we relate with our consumers, we definitively managed to develop brand awareness in the minds of the consumers, not just the vets.