Case Film - Imagine Dubai

Case Film - Imagine Dubai

the case

Dubai Tourism wanted to drive consideration of the city as a holiday destination to the global traveller, specifically friends, couples and families. Insights and analytics proved this audience were consuming less and less traditional advertising, so we needed to take a completely new approach and place Dubai into the heart of pop-culture, within the target’s universal passion point, music.


The ‘Imagine Dubai’ campaign saw the city of Dubai being placed into the most consumed content on YouTube, music videos. We selected the band Imagine Dragons for their mass global appeal, their existing love of the city and aligned values. An innovative approach, ‘location placement’, was used were the city became the backdrop to the bands new video, Thunder. Leveraging the singles radio & chart impact, an engaged fandom was utilised, who found the content on their own and did not skip.

The music video aligned the creative with the energy of the city, with the goal to achieve a subtle, authentic and organic fit. The film was created in black and white to highlight the incredible architecture and structures in Dubai, with some colour being introduced showing the vibrancy of the city coming through. Views of the music video were 100% organic and, along with all supporting content, provided longevity far beyond that of a usual campaign. We created behind the scenes and branded content of the band enjoying activities in Dubai, further leveraging the audience: increasing conversation, appeal & consideration of the city.


Overall the videos accumulated over 600 million views (100% organic) (and counting) with the campaign driving 3+million social engagements, $20M in media value and most importantly boosting consideration of Dubai as a holiday destination by +22%.